Mansour Mining Technology Inc.

Mansour Mining Technologies Inc. is a market leading manufacturer of ground support and smelter hardware to the underground mining sector. From its manufacturing location in Sudbury, the company has built a stellar reputation over the past thirty years delivering to major underground mines in Canada, Mexico, and other underground mining geographies.

Bingley Capital, in partnership with Ursataur Capital Management, and Export Development Canada purchased the majority ownership of Mansour Mining Technologies Inc. in 2011. Bingley Capital exited the investment in October 2019.


Gregg Drilling & Testing Canada Ltd.

Gregg Drilling & Testing Canada Ltd. offers cone penetration technologies, sampling and field vane testing to the mine tailings industry. With equipment based in Ft. McMurray, Gregg is available for site investigations using cone penetration technologies or standard drilling methods throughout Western Canada.

Bingley Capital exited the investment in Gregg Drilling in September 2016.